Warming up with a little tea tasting at Jacob & Sebastian…

Why hello lovelies!


Hope you’ve been staying warm and enjoying your week so far.  This post is long overdue, but I wanted to introduce to you one of our favourite retail partners – Jacob & Sebastian!  Last Saturday, we did a little tea tasting event at their Distillery District location (their other location is at Queen West) – and boy, was there a happy holiday buzz going on in their store.  The annual Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery was going on as well, which brought in a lot of people, all looking for unique holiday gift ideas.  Check out Jacob & Sebastian’s storefront (above) – isn’t it just beckoning you to enter?


If you aren’t familiar with Jacob & Sebastian (although if you live in Toronto, you really ought to be!), I’ve done a short little Q&A with Joel Dart, the founder of this fabulous beauty boutique…
JandS IMG_2930



Connie:  What made you decide to start Jacob & Sebastian?

Joel:  I started Jacob & Sebastian after extensive travel and after the realization that the world really does have great product offerings that just aren’t readily available here in Toronto. After some preliminary sourcing, the ball just started rolling and eventually, I found a great collection of niche-market, unique beauty finds that I believe have a spot in the medicine cabinets of beauty savvy Torontonians.


Connie:  What kinds of products can people expect when they come to your boutique?


Joel:  People can expect to find high-quality, more unique products when they enter Jacob & Sebastian.  These are the types of products that you might see in magazines and wonder, “where can I buy that?” We really strive to try out and test everything in-store firsthand, so you can be assured that we truly believe in the lines that we carry.


Connie:  We are thrilled that Jacob & Sebastian now offers MIYU products.  What is your favourite MIYU product and why?


Joel:  Personally, I have crazy sensitive skin, which breaks out in hives randomly and I have found the de-stress mi beauty essence really helps to calm this hypersensitivity. I also love the taste of the de-stress mi beauty tea, so that has to be a close runner up!


There you have it ladies and gents – if you’re looking for some hard-to-find luxe beauty items, be sure to stop by their store! I know I’ve been a big fan since the beginning!


Now if you were at the store last Saturday, you would’ve been greeted with the little tea station I set up at the front of their store.  A little hot tea to warm up cold shoppers – what a great idea!
JandS IMG_2922


And yes, I brought a chair to sit for a bit – being 8 months pregnant is not so kind on the feet :).
JandS IMG_2924


Shown below is our pretty MIYU products, sitting front and center of the Jacob & Sebastian store…
JandS IMG_2926


JandS IMG_2928


At the end of the afternoon, the hubby picked me up and we headed home… but not without a short stroll through the Toronto Christmas Market.  Oh how I wish we could’ve stayed longer if it wasn’t so cold! 
JandS IMG_2933


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