A new baby on the way…

Hello MIYU-ettes!

I can’t believe how time flies – as I am writing this, I am only 5 days away from my due date – eek! That’s right, we’re expecting another little one any time now. These past couple years between building MIYU and raising our first born – Emelia (aka Miss E), have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. The challenges are new, and scary at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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As I am in full nesting mode, trying to tie up everything home and MIYU-related before the big day, I just wanted to take a moment of pause to reflect how much my family has meant to me through all of this. I literally could not go through all the trials and tribulations without the support of my amazing husband. I am also truly blessed to have a pretty well-behaved toddler.

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Miss E has really become my inspiration – she ignites a new desire in me – to make this world a better place for her future. Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power, to witness this infectious smile?

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2016-08-24 Oink and Coo Fam Print-32_646W

In fact, because of her, we have started to be more mindful of our packaging – challenging ourselves to create more eco-friendly packaging that minimizes our impact on the environment. It truly is our corporate responsibility to care for our planet, so that our children and grandchildren can continue to thrive. Of course at MIYU, creating packaging that is both beautiful and performance-driven has always been our core. Adding the eco-friendly aspect has its challenges, but what we have found through this journey is that all it takes is a little creativity, to design something both breathtaking and eco-conscious. Our new tea packaging is the first evolution of that – and we cannot wait to share more.

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So let me take this time to thank all of you – our family, friends and cheerleaders. Thank you for your continuous support throughout this journey. Thank you for believing in us and celebrating our milestones. We cannot wait to share with you what is next to come…

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P.S. Our gorgeous photos were done by our friends at Oink and Coo – if you have not checked out this talented couple yet, please do! You will not be disappointed!

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Introducing baby Emelia…


Hello Friends!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!  Sorry we’ve been a little MIA during the holidays, but I was a little preoccupied with baby :)!  Yes, that’s right, my little girl Emelia was born right on Christmas Eve.  Linda asked Emelia not to arrive until we finished all our MIYU pre-holiday to-do’s and my baby girl was very obedient!  This year, we spent Christmas Day in the hospital, but I can’t complain, because she really is the best Christmas present ever.  She is unbelievably sweet, yet quite demanding (or “assertive” as her Grandpa likes to call it) and I am always in awe as I watch her little personality begin to develop.


Oh and I don’t know where she gets it from, but she likes to pose with her hands…


Last week, we celebrated her One Month Birthday – a common tradition in Chinese culture.  Of course I couldn’t resist doing little MIYU favours for her party.  Aren’t they lovely?  Everyone took home a couple sachets of our hydrate mi beauty tea along with a chocolate inside.  We also made some MIYU cocktails at the party which were a huge hit :).  I’ll share the recipe in a separate post…


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Looking forward to meeting the newest member of our MIYU family…


Soo… I’ve been keeping this a secret for a little while now, but now that we are closer to the due date, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some exciting news with all of you… the hubby and I are expecting our first baby!  We are ecstatic to welcome this new bundle of joy into our lives and into the MIYU family!  My friends and family always joke that I’m having 2 babies this year – MIYU and now a baby girl!  Words cannot express what a great gift this is – I am truly grateful.  For both babies, it has been a long journey for us to get here.  

Similar to the launch of MIYU, I am filled with excitement, apprehension and wonder about how this new chapter in our lives will transpire.  Well MIYU-ettes, for your eyes only, here are a couple of maternity pictures that we have taken over the weekend by the very talented photographers Oink & Coo.  Of course, Linda couldn’t help herself and already shared a couple of them on Instagram :).






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