Do you Sneeze while you Tweeze?



Hi Friends,


Do you ever sneeze while you tweeze?  If so, you’re not alone.


The other day I was plucking my eyebrows and I couldn’t stop sneezing. I realized, this happens to me often while I’m tweezing.  After some research, I found the urge to sneeze while plucking your eyebrows is quite common.  The reason why?  Your facial nerves include something called the trigeminal, which has a branch that extends from the eyebrow down into the tip of your nose.  So, when you’re plucking your brows, the nerve is stimulated, causing you to sneeze, or at least, want to sneeze.


A tip to avoid this: While tweezing, press your finger anywhere against your eyebrow.  This apparently can short-circuit the wiring of the trigeminal nerve.


Pretty cool hey?  If you have a fun-fact you wish to share, email us at or leave us a comment below.


Hope you have a fabulous weekend!





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Leaping Bunny Giveaway!



Hi MIYU-ettes!


Just wanted to let you know, our friends at Leaping Bunny are giving away one of our de-stress mi pairings!  To enter, go to the Leaping Bunny Facebook page and follow the instructions on the MIYU Beauty post.  Hurry, contest ends Sunday, April 6, 2014.


Good luck!



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Introducing baby Emelia…


Hello Friends!


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!  Sorry we’ve been a little MIA during the holidays, but I was a little preoccupied with baby :)!  Yes, that’s right, my little girl Emelia was born right on Christmas Eve.  Linda asked Emelia not to arrive until we finished all our MIYU pre-holiday to-do’s and my baby girl was very obedient!  This year, we spent Christmas Day in the hospital, but I can’t complain, because she really is the best Christmas present ever.  She is unbelievably sweet, yet quite demanding (or “assertive” as her Grandpa likes to call it) and I am always in awe as I watch her little personality begin to develop.


Oh and I don’t know where she gets it from, but she likes to pose with her hands…


Last week, we celebrated her One Month Birthday – a common tradition in Chinese culture.  Of course I couldn’t resist doing little MIYU favours for her party.  Aren’t they lovely?  Everyone took home a couple sachets of our hydrate mi beauty tea along with a chocolate inside.  We also made some MIYU cocktails at the party which were a huge hit :).  I’ll share the recipe in a separate post…


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Looking forward to meeting the newest member of our MIYU family…


Soo… I’ve been keeping this a secret for a little while now, but now that we are closer to the due date, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some exciting news with all of you… the hubby and I are expecting our first baby!  We are ecstatic to welcome this new bundle of joy into our lives and into the MIYU family!  My friends and family always joke that I’m having 2 babies this year – MIYU and now a baby girl!  Words cannot express what a great gift this is – I am truly grateful.  For both babies, it has been a long journey for us to get here.  

Similar to the launch of MIYU, I am filled with excitement, apprehension and wonder about how this new chapter in our lives will transpire.  Well MIYU-ettes, for your eyes only, here are a couple of maternity pictures that we have taken over the weekend by the very talented photographers Oink & Coo.  Of course, Linda couldn’t help herself and already shared a couple of them on Instagram :).






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We’re on!

Happy Monday lovelies!

We couldn’t contain our excitement today when we discovered our feature on! As some of you may know, I had created a beauty blog called Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd a little over a year ago, where I shared much of my industry knowledge and reviewed the beauty industry’s latest and greatest. Of course, now that I have started MIYU, time does not permit me to continue with Beauty Nerd, but it’s still nice to be recognized for the transition from my beauty blogging days to finally launching my own line.

Sometimes it still feels a bit surreal that something I have dreamed of for so long is finally happening. All I can say is, follow where your heart takes you and enjoy every step of the journey…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Friends!
I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend! Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, which calls upon us to reflect on what we are thankful for. I must say, that we are very thankful for everyone who has supported MIYU so far, even though we are such a new brand. We love when we hear your excitement about our products – that gives us the fuel to keep making things better!

And of course, we are thankful for our family (animals and all!) + friends and everyone who has helped make MIYU a success!


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MIYU Beauty makes “The Cut”

Hello MIYU-ettes!
The past month since our launch has flown by and it’s hard to believe we are already in the Fall season! Linda has been working hard at getting MIYU covered by beauty editors and bloggers all across North America, all in hopes of spreading the word about MIYU.
Her latest success story has been landing New York Magazine’s The Cut! We were thrilled to be covered by such a coveted online magazine. If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook, check out the write up here.
Btw, have you signed up for our e-mail newsletter yet? If not, you can click on the limited offers thumbnail on the home page to sign up. Once you do so, we will email you an exclusive discount code. Hurry, this offer ends today!

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MIYU Beauty Launches in North America


After years of top-secret development and behind-the-scenes discussions with industry insiders, MIYU {pronounced mee-you} Beauty is now making its official debut in North America.  Drumroll please!!


As the first lifestyle beauty brand to artfully pair teas with skincare, MIYU expects to revolutionize the industry – aiming to redefine today’s beauty ritual.  Now we’re not saying to ditch your coveted creams and cleansers, but with MIYU’s unique tea and skincare pairings women can now effortlessly pamper their complexions from the inside out, in a delightful way.  What a concept!  At least we like to think so.


Founded by Canadian girl Connie Tai, MIYU’s innovative concept came about while she was living out her childhood dream developing skincare products for leading New York spa and beauty company Bliss spa.  During her time in NYC, Connie started developing skin sensitivities she never had before.  She soon realized the significant impact external factors had on her skin, including: poor diet, lack of sleep and stress.  She’s definitely not alone.  Empowered by this knowledge, Connie set out to create a line of effective products that could nourish the skin from within, while serving as a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.


Now enough of the history!  We know you’re dying to see our super cute website. Go to to check out our debut collection of pretty products, and to find out more about MIYU Beauty.


MIYU products can be purchased at select retail locations across Canada and the United States and soon online through our MIYU Beauty boutique.  Unfortunately, our e-commerce site won’t be up for another week or so, but happy window shopping for now!


Connie Linda Signature

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MIYU Beauty Partners with Birchbox to Reveal Debut Collection in the United States


We are head-over-heels-ecstatic to announce our partnership with Birchbox, the leading discovery retail company changing the way people shop, to unveil MIYU’s debut collection of pretty products.


Since launching in 2010, Birchbox has become the leading global discovery commerce platform for both men and women.  With more than 400,000 subscribers, Birchbox gives users the chance to enjoy first hand experiences with new products each month through their sample boxes.


Of course, with that in mind – who wouldn’t want to jump on the Birchbox bandwagon?  Hello – we do!!  At MIYU we love the Birchbox success story, and the overwhelming excitement each of their boxes delivers each month.  We hope by partnering with Birchbox MIYU products can also help spread a little joy!


MIYU’s luxe brand and innovative concept will be introduced to US Birchbox subscribers in their August box.  The debut collection will also be available at and  Once, of course, our website is ready to launch in just a few more short days.  It’s super cute!  Promise!!

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a prelude to MIYU…


Hi Friends!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for…almost!  We’re just a few weeks away from our official launch.  Yay!  We know you’re all dying to see what MIYU is all about so here’s a sneak peek to keep you guessing just a little while longer.

Connie Linda Signature

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