5 Ways to Put some Pizzazz into your Hydration



Hello MIYU-ettes!


So back when I was blogging for Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd, my friend Divya and I collaborated on a segment we called Beauty Eats.  How does “beauty” and “eating” come together, you ask?  My belief has always been that healthy skin starts from within.  By incorporating skin-nourishing ingredients into your every day diet, you can bolster the effects of the skincare products you slather on every day.  But how can we do this in a way that is enjoyable and therefore ultimately sustainable?  That’s where Divya comes in.  Divya is a true talent when it comes to concocting healthy yet delicious recipes.  Not only is she an amazing food stylist, but she is also now studying holistic nutrition.  I always turn to her for nutrition advice and ideas on how to make healthy foods more fun!  Now she is sharing all her food-related goodness on her new website, The Whole and Happy Life – so be sure to check it out!


Although I am no longer blogging for Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd (MIYU and baby have kept my hands more than full), I never wanted Beauty Eats to end.  I always knew I wanted to migrate Beauty Eats to the MIYU blog so that we can continue to share beauty-related recipes HERE, with all of you.  Well ladies and gents, I think now is the time!  Spring is fast approaching (next week to be exact) marking the season for new beginnings – a great time to jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle.  So be honest with me now… during this long, cold, dry winter – how many of you have been religiously consuming 6-8 glasses of water a day?  Remember that we need this daily dose of H2O to keep our skin hydrated and flush away unwanted toxins that can wreak havoc on our complexions. But yes, I know – downing 8 glasses of water may seem a bit boring at times (Note: this is the reason we created our hydrate mi beauty tea). But teas aside, how about a couple of ideas to give your water a flavorful boost with naturally-added antioxidants?  Here are several recipes Divya created last year for our Beauty Eats segment – all without adding any artificial flavors and sugar:


1. Green tea and lime

Preparation: Brew some good quality green tea for a few minutes (as specified on the package) and chill overnight. In the morning, mix a little lime juice and agave nectar (if desired).


2. Fruity herbal tea and frozen strawberries

Preparation: Brew some fruity herbal tea for a few minutes (as specified on the package) and allow to chill completely. Add frozen strawberries.

Note: If you’re taking this to work, I suggest using a glass flask. Stainless steel might alter the flavour of the tea.


3. Cucumber, ginger and lemon water

If you’re looking for something a little more refreshing than tea, just add cucumber slices, a small piece of ginger and some lemon juice to filtered water.  Add ice if desired.


4. Fruit juice and sparkling water

Preparation: Mix one part fruit juice (choose a brand that is made of 100% fruit juice like Ceres) and three parts sparkling water.

Note: Don’t try this with orange juice. It ends up tasting like watered down Orangina! This recipe works well with more fruity juices such as lychee, guava, pomegranate and mixed fruit juices.


5. Grape water

Preparation: Wash and cut a few handfuls of seedless white grapes in half. Freeze overnight. In the morning, pour some water into a jug or flask (if you’re taking this to work) and add a little lemon juice. Drink up after a few hours. The flavour of the grapes will infuse the water with a slightly fruity aroma. Delicious! Don’t forget to eat the grapes at the end!




We will be posting more Beauty Eats recipes here on the MIYU blog going forward.  So tell me, MIYU-ettes – what kind of recipes would you like to see?


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MIYU Beauty Featured on Gloss48


Hey Friends!


It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for (at least we’d like to think so)!  Last week, we told you MIYU Beauty would soon be featured on Gloss48 for a special launch price!*  Well that day has arrived!  Starting today for 7 days only, Gloss48 members can save on MIYU Beauty teas & essences.


Go to Gloss48.com to sign up today, and enter your ultimate beauty paradise.


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*Sorry Canadians, this promo is only open to Americans.  Unfortunately for us, Gloss48 is still working on shipping to Canada.



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MIYU Beauty in the Media!


Canadian Living, January 2014

Canadian Living, January 2014


Hello Friends!


Time certainly does fly.  It feels like yesterday we were just getting ready for Christmas holidays.  Now, it’s what, almost Valentine’s Day?  My apologies, for the lack of updates, press-wise, so to summarize, here’s some highlights from the past few months.


First off, as we mentioned waaay back in December, our de-stress mi essence appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show.  For us, it was really exciting to see our baby on the small screen!  Here’s a look if you missed it:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0WOJIDYTU]


More recently, we were featured in January’s issue of Canadian Living (see above), the #1 women’s magazine in Canada.  How exciting is that?! We certainly think so – but then again, we’re just a little biased!  Not only has MIYU Beauty been featured in US & Canada, where our products are available, we’ve also garnered widespread interest from around the world.  From the UK’s ModMod’s website, to Glamour Italia, and Brazil’s Lilian Pacce – MIYU is hitting the beauty universe by storm!  Not to mention, back in September, we also landed coverage on New York Magazine’s – The Cut!  We’re still jumping up and down from that one.  Of course, we can’t forget to mention our Canadian press – with proud appearances in ELLE Canada, LOULOU Magazine, and Flare.com.  See more of our favourite editorial and blog features, in our press section, on our website.


LOULOU Magazine, November/December 2013

LOULOU Magazine, November/December 2013


So, whether it’s a small shout out, a teeny tiny mention, or a feature on television, online, or in print – we’re always sooo proud to see MIYU Beauty introduced to the world.  What we love even more, is hearing that people like you, are enjoying our products.  If you love MIYU, and want to tell us, send us an email – you’ll make our day, for real!


In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the exciting things we’re working on at MIYU.  For instance, soon, celebrities at an upcoming awards show will receive MIYU Beauty products in their gift bags! Stay tuned to find out more!


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MIYU Beauty Meets Gloss48


Hello Lovelies!


Ever heard of Gloss48?  Well if you’re beauty-obsessed, like we are, you’ll want to take note.  We recently heard about the online beauty site, offering “beauty junkies a daily dose of the best, must-have niche beauty products to discover, shop, and share”, and now we want to introduce you!


Beauty junkies, meet your ultimate, online paradise! At Gloss48, they make it their mission to search the beauty universe for the next beauty obsession – cutting through all the clutter, so you don’t have to.


As a new and emerging brand, entering the already crowded beauty space, we know the competition is fierce to get your attention!  That’s why, through partnering with Gloss48, we want to give you the opportunity to try MIYU Beauty products, without breaking the bank.  Through their membership only website, beauty lovers can discover niche beauty brands, and must-have products,  at exclusive, promotional prices.


Starting 11am EST February 12t2014, select MIYU Beauty products will be on sale on Gloss48.com for 7 days only.  Right now, Gloss48 only ships within the US, but fingers crossed, they say they’re working on bringing it to Canada.


So if you’ve been thinking about trying MIYU, or any new beauty brand for that matter – sign up today, to enter your ultimate beauty paradise!


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Warming up with a little tea tasting at Jacob & Sebastian…

Why hello lovelies!


Hope you’ve been staying warm and enjoying your week so far.  This post is long overdue, but I wanted to introduce to you one of our favourite retail partners – Jacob & Sebastian!  Last Saturday, we did a little tea tasting event at their Distillery District location (their other location is at Queen West) – and boy, was there a happy holiday buzz going on in their store.  The annual Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery was going on as well, which brought in a lot of people, all looking for unique holiday gift ideas.  Check out Jacob & Sebastian’s storefront (above) – isn’t it just beckoning you to enter?


If you aren’t familiar with Jacob & Sebastian (although if you live in Toronto, you really ought to be!), I’ve done a short little Q&A with Joel Dart, the founder of this fabulous beauty boutique…
JandS IMG_2930



Connie:  What made you decide to start Jacob & Sebastian?

Joel:  I started Jacob & Sebastian after extensive travel and after the realization that the world really does have great product offerings that just aren’t readily available here in Toronto. After some preliminary sourcing, the ball just started rolling and eventually, I found a great collection of niche-market, unique beauty finds that I believe have a spot in the medicine cabinets of beauty savvy Torontonians.


Connie:  What kinds of products can people expect when they come to your boutique?


Joel:  People can expect to find high-quality, more unique products when they enter Jacob & Sebastian.  These are the types of products that you might see in magazines and wonder, “where can I buy that?” We really strive to try out and test everything in-store firsthand, so you can be assured that we truly believe in the lines that we carry.


Connie:  We are thrilled that Jacob & Sebastian now offers MIYU products.  What is your favourite MIYU product and why?


Joel:  Personally, I have crazy sensitive skin, which breaks out in hives randomly and I have found the de-stress mi beauty essence really helps to calm this hypersensitivity. I also love the taste of the de-stress mi beauty tea, so that has to be a close runner up!


There you have it ladies and gents – if you’re looking for some hard-to-find luxe beauty items, be sure to stop by their store! I know I’ve been a big fan since the beginning!


Now if you were at the store last Saturday, you would’ve been greeted with the little tea station I set up at the front of their store.  A little hot tea to warm up cold shoppers – what a great idea!
JandS IMG_2922


And yes, I brought a chair to sit for a bit – being 8 months pregnant is not so kind on the feet :).
JandS IMG_2924


Shown below is our pretty MIYU products, sitting front and center of the Jacob & Sebastian store…
JandS IMG_2926


JandS IMG_2928


At the end of the afternoon, the hubby picked me up and we headed home… but not without a short stroll through the Toronto Christmas Market.  Oh how I wish we could’ve stayed longer if it wasn’t so cold! 
JandS IMG_2933


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Meet Andrea… Owner of Ivory Noir Salon

Happy November MIYU-ettes!  The past few months since our launch in August have been incredible! Thank you to all of our incredible supporters and partners thus far, for believing in MIYU Beauty and helping us spread the love.


Over the next while we’d like to introduce you to some of the faces behind MIYU’s partnerships.  One of our original launch partners, Ivory Noir Salon in Edmonton, Alberta Canada has been a MIYU supporter since the beginning.  Salon owner Andrea Nguyen truly believes in MIYU’s inside-out concept and really wanted to bring the MIYU experience to Edmonton’s first colour-correction studio.  Get an amazing new do while sipping on MIYU’s delicious teas – could you ask for anything more?! Read on to find out about Andrea’s passionate dream to open her own business, her expert advice to perfect hair, and why MIYU Beauty and Ivory Noir Salon, make the perfect match.



Linda: Hi Andrea!  Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today.  First of all, congrats on recently celebrating Ivory Noir Salon’s first year anniversary.  Tell us what your motivation was for opening your own salon?


Andrea: With the skill set of being a stylist for 12 years combined with the knowledge of being a colour educator with Wella, I found myself rapidly building a loyal clientele from correcting mishap hair colour. When the time came for me to open a salon, the only motivating factor to me was to be Edmonton`s first colour correction salon. Nothing is more rewarding than righting a wrong especially with hair, and making someone feel beautiful again.


Linda:  Absolutely!  With that said, what’s your best hair styling tip?


Andrea: Curling hair can give your style longevity in between washes. Curls also allow more versatility and ease when putting hair up in a bun, ponytail, low side swept dos etc.  For winter months curling hair can also help combat static too.


Linda: What hair product could you absolutely never live without?


Andrea: Hairspray!!!


Linda: Which hair trend do you want to come back, and which do you wish never happened?


Andrea: Love 50`s hair that reminisce Marilyn Monroe.  Wish mullets and 90`s fan bangs never happened.


Linda:  I wish I could say I never sported the fan bang!  All in the past though, right :)? Moving on… MIYU Beauty focuses on beauty from the inside out, how do you think this concept applies to healthy hair?


Andrea: Health of hair is very dependent on nutrition. We have seen people that are extreme dieters, or vegans that struggle with hair loss due to lack of protein, iron etc.  MIYU`s concept is so parallel to what we believe to be true for healthy hair.


Linda: Leading to my next question, why did you want to partner with MIYU Beauty?


Andrea: MIYU to us, is a business built from passion, devotion, integrity, and a brand that is unique. Being a new business ourselves we thought it was a perfect pairing to support a local entrepreneur that is also focused on building a successful branded business.


Linda:  The feeling is mutual!  Ok, so what’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day at work?


Andrea: I always look forward to going home taking a hot shower, changing into pajamas, eating my husband`s home cooked dinner and cuddling with my dogs Kumi and Kobe.


Linda:  Awww.  Finally, what’s your favourite life quote?


Andrea: I LOVE quotes and have so many that I live by.  The one that drives me every day and one that has been my mantra is…“Where there’s a will there’s a way!”


Linda: We couldn’t agree more!!  Thanks Andrea for sharing your thoughts with us today, and for believing in MIYU Beauty!


MIYU Beauty’s hydrate mi & de-stress mi teas are available for $16 at Ivory Noir Salon in Edmonton.  With the holidays just around the corner, MIYU teas make the perfect gift for “mi” & for you.


All the best!

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We’re on Flare.com!

Happy Monday lovelies!

We couldn’t contain our excitement today when we discovered our feature on Flare.com! As some of you may know, I had created a beauty blog called Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd a little over a year ago, where I shared much of my industry knowledge and reviewed the beauty industry’s latest and greatest. Of course, now that I have started MIYU, time does not permit me to continue with Beauty Nerd, but it’s still nice to be recognized for the transition from my beauty blogging days to finally launching my own line.

Sometimes it still feels a bit surreal that something I have dreamed of for so long is finally happening. All I can say is, follow where your heart takes you and enjoy every step of the journey…

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MIYU Beauty makes “The Cut”

Hello MIYU-ettes!
The past month since our launch has flown by and it’s hard to believe we are already in the Fall season! Linda has been working hard at getting MIYU covered by beauty editors and bloggers all across North America, all in hopes of spreading the word about MIYU.
Her latest success story has been landing New York Magazine’s The Cut! We were thrilled to be covered by such a coveted online magazine. If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook, check out the write up here.
Btw, have you signed up for our e-mail newsletter yet? If not, you can click on the limited offers thumbnail on the home page to sign up. Once you do so, we will email you an exclusive discount code. Hurry, this offer ends today!

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MIYU Beauty Launches in North America


After years of top-secret development and behind-the-scenes discussions with industry insiders, MIYU {pronounced mee-you} Beauty is now making its official debut in North America.  Drumroll please!!


As the first lifestyle beauty brand to artfully pair teas with skincare, MIYU expects to revolutionize the industry – aiming to redefine today’s beauty ritual.  Now we’re not saying to ditch your coveted creams and cleansers, but with MIYU’s unique tea and skincare pairings women can now effortlessly pamper their complexions from the inside out, in a delightful way.  What a concept!  At least we like to think so.


Founded by Canadian girl Connie Tai, MIYU’s innovative concept came about while she was living out her childhood dream developing skincare products for leading New York spa and beauty company Bliss spa.  During her time in NYC, Connie started developing skin sensitivities she never had before.  She soon realized the significant impact external factors had on her skin, including: poor diet, lack of sleep and stress.  She’s definitely not alone.  Empowered by this knowledge, Connie set out to create a line of effective products that could nourish the skin from within, while serving as a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.


Now enough of the history!  We know you’re dying to see our super cute website. Go to www.miyubeauty.com to check out our debut collection of pretty products, and to find out more about MIYU Beauty.


MIYU products can be purchased at select retail locations across Canada and the United States and soon online through our MIYU Beauty boutique.  Unfortunately, our e-commerce site won’t be up for another week or so, but happy window shopping for now!


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MIYU Beauty Partners with Birchbox to Reveal Debut Collection in the United States


We are head-over-heels-ecstatic to announce our partnership with Birchbox, the leading discovery retail company changing the way people shop, to unveil MIYU’s debut collection of pretty products.


Since launching in 2010, Birchbox has become the leading global discovery commerce platform for both men and women.  With more than 400,000 subscribers, Birchbox gives users the chance to enjoy first hand experiences with new products each month through their sample boxes.


Of course, with that in mind – who wouldn’t want to jump on the Birchbox bandwagon?  Hello – we do!!  At MIYU we love the Birchbox success story, and the overwhelming excitement each of their boxes delivers each month.  We hope by partnering with Birchbox MIYU products can also help spread a little joy!


MIYU’s luxe brand and innovative concept will be introduced to US Birchbox subscribers in their August box.  The debut collection will also be available at birchbox.com and miyubeauty.com.  Once, of course, our website is ready to launch in just a few more short days.  It’s super cute!  Promise!!

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