Welcoming our newest retail boutique – Blush by Jamie Rose

You know when you discover a beauty destination that you can’t stop gushing about it? That’s pretty much how we feel about Blush by Jamie Rose, which is why we had to spotlight her as our Feature Friday. We are ecstatic to introduce MIYU to all the classy locals in Boise, ID! Read on to learn more about Jamie and her swoon-worthy boutique…

What was your motivation for opening up your own boutique? It has always been a dream of mine to open a luxury beauty boutique that carried only amazing and unique products you couldn’t find just anywhere. I wanted the products to be showcased in a unique and intimate environment that inspires elegance and beauty. I also wanted to create a place for clients to shop in that gave them the expert advice and artistry that is missing in today’s beauty market. It was important for my clients to have a one-on-one tailored experience with an educated beauty professional that could really take the time to listen to their needs and educate them on what will be best for their everyday beauty routine.

What do your customers love most about Blush by Jamie Rose? My client’s love to come in and have what we call the “Blush experience” It starts the moment you walk in, feeling like you have been transported somewhere else for the day! Smelling all the unique scents, browsing exclusive beauty products, and experiencing all the beautiful, unique products we offer. My client’s really enjoy popping in and seeing what’s new and finding that special treasure to take home!

How do you curate products for your store? What is your vetting process? First and foremost is that the products have to be something I am in love with. If I know the product is amazing and I can’t live without it, my clients will feel the same way! It is really important to me to pick the best of the best products for my store. Quality vs. quantity! I look for very unique and niche brands, I feel like this creates a specialty vibe that people gravitate towards. I carefully select all my lines, and I keep looking for future brands that are unique and that add something special to Blush.

If you only had time to grab 3 beauty products to put in your purse, what would they be and why?
1. Bronzer/Blush duo, because I am fair and it’s a great way to pop a little color to my face and a perfect touch up for my cheeks for that instant glow.
2. Any kind of pink lippie, lipstick/gloss. I am obsessed with lip products, especially pinks and nude tones. I always feel complete when I have my signature pink lips on!
3. Diptyque Eau Rose roll-on fragrance, it is so convenient to have one of my favorite fragrances in a travel size roller for my purse.

We’re so delighted that Blush by Jamie Rose now carries MIYU Beauty. What is your favourite MIYU product and why? We just LOVE MIYU Products here at Blush. The packaging is so beautiful and feminine! I adore all of the MIYU products but one of my favorites is the de-stress mi beauty tea. It is such a wonderful tea for me to sip on throughout my busy day at work. It keeps my skin glowing too!

Thanks for your lovely responses Jamie! And for all you MIYU-ettes, you NEED to make a stop at Blush if you are in the area…

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MIYU to be Featured on The Marilyn Denis Show


***UPDATE  Unfortunately, the Beauty Essentials segment was bumped from the December 13th show.  Our de-stress mi beauty essence will have to wait until Friday, December 20th to make its television debut!  Please tune in then.


Hi Everyone!  Guess what?!  We’re going to be on The Marilyn Denis Show!  Well, not “us” – as in Connie and I, but our de-stress mi beauty essence will be.


Our signature calming spray will be featured on the Toronto-based, daytime talk show on December 13th as part of beauty expert Chantel Guertin’s Beauty Survival Guide for the holidays. We’re delighted Chantel chose our de-stress mi beauty essence to be a part of her holiday survival guide, and we can’t wait to see our baby on-air.


So, don’t miss out!  Be sure to tune in on Friday, December 13th at 10am ET on CTV & CTV Mobile, at 11am on CTV Two, or on demand at marilyn.ca


Until next time…


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Pinch us – we’re on Elle Canada!

Hello MIYU-ettes!


Yes, we’re a bit late on posting this on the blog, but if you have been following us on Facebook, you would’ve have already seen that our de-stress mi beauty essence was featured in Elle Canada’s Nov 2013 issue!  This is really a dream come true for us!  Linda has been doing a phenomenal job with landing us coverage and we can’t wait to spread the MIYU love to more and more of you!  Anyway, without further ado, check it out…



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