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Happy Monday lovelies!

We couldn’t contain our excitement today when we discovered our feature on Flare.com! As some of you may know, I had created a beauty blog called Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd a little over a year ago, where I shared much of my industry knowledge and reviewed the beauty industry’s latest and greatest. Of course, now that I have started MIYU, time does not permit me to continue with Beauty Nerd, but it’s still nice to be recognized for the transition from my beauty blogging days to finally launching my own line.

Sometimes it still feels a bit surreal that something I have dreamed of for so long is finally happening. All I can say is, follow where your heart takes you and enjoy every step of the journey…

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MIYU Beauty makes “The Cut”

Hello MIYU-ettes!
The past month since our launch has flown by and it’s hard to believe we are already in the Fall season! Linda has been working hard at getting MIYU covered by beauty editors and bloggers all across North America, all in hopes of spreading the word about MIYU.
Her latest success story has been landing New York Magazine’s The Cut! We were thrilled to be covered by such a coveted online magazine. If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook, check out the write up here.
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Meet the MIYU Team!



Just three months and counting until MIYU Beauty’s big unveil, and while we can’t tell you just yet, exactly what we’ve been up to we’d like to take this opportunity to at least introduce you to the faces behind MIYU.

First up: Our beautiful CEO & Founder Miss Connie (seen above)

Connie’s the big boss around MIYU.  She decides what lovely products get developed, the powerful ingredients that go into them, and what qualifies as swoon-worthy packaging for MIYU.  Connie’s love for the beauty industry began at an early age, but she knew simply just loving creams and lotions wasn’t enough to begin a career with.  So that’s when her journey began, first studying Chemistry and then moving on to the Big Apple to follow her dreams of masterfully creating beauty products.  Since then, she’s developed dozens of top sellers for both Bliss & Cargo Cosmetics.  Now, back in Toronto, Canada she’s almost ready to launch MIYU, her very own lifestyle beauty brand.  Behind Connie’s success, has a lot to do with the fact she doesn’t like to take ‘no’ for an answer.  Ask anyone she’s ever worked with.  Seriously.  When Connie’s not designing skincare, she’s either spending time with her two kitties, Chocco & Dior or enjoying a quiet dinner with her husband.  Connie’s must-have beauty product (other than MIYU’s products)?  Her eyebrow powder to fill in her brows.  And her famous words of advice: “Don’t try to defend yourself against naysayers… just show them!”

Next there’s me: Miss Linda.  My title is Account Executive, but at MIYU that means many things.  I’m the one who answers press inquiries, calls retailers non-stop to tell them why MIYU’s so great, and I occasionally help Connie with marketing.  While, my background is in media, as a former television reporter, it’s interesting to have the tables turned. That’s right – I’m the one who is now bugging press, and the public in general, to try to gain a following for MIYU – umm so why haven’t you liked MIYU Beauty on Facebook yet?

Oh wait, one more thing, I’m also the girl in the MIYU product pictures.  Yup, as you’ll soon see, that’s me! Told you Connie doesn’t take no for an answer :). When I’m not immersed in MIYU you’ll find me spending time with my puppy, or reluctantly working out at the gym.  My beauty product must-have, I would have to say is my hair spray.  And my favorite quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

We look forward to sharing more about us and, more importantly, about MIYU Beauty in the upcoming months.  Stay tuned…

Connie Linda Signature

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