A new baby on the way…

Hello MIYU-ettes!

I can’t believe how time flies – as I am writing this, I am only 5 days away from my due date – eek! That’s right, we’re expecting another little one any time now. These past couple years between building MIYU and raising our first born – Emelia (aka Miss E), have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. The challenges are new, and scary at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2016-08-24 Oink and Coo Fam Print-37_646W

As I am in full nesting mode, trying to tie up everything home and MIYU-related before the big day, I just wanted to take a moment of pause to reflect how much my family has meant to me through all of this. I literally could not go through all the trials and tribulations without the support of my amazing husband. I am also truly blessed to have a pretty well-behaved toddler.

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Miss E has really become my inspiration – she ignites a new desire in me – to make this world a better place for her future. Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power, to witness this infectious smile?

2016-08-24 Oink and Coo Fam Print-21_646W

2016-08-24 Oink and Coo Fam Print-32_646W

In fact, because of her, we have started to be more mindful of our packaging – challenging ourselves to create more eco-friendly packaging that minimizes our impact on the environment. It truly is our corporate responsibility to care for our planet, so that our children and grandchildren can continue to thrive. Of course at MIYU, creating packaging that is both beautiful and performance-driven has always been our core. Adding the eco-friendly aspect has its challenges, but what we have found through this journey is that all it takes is a little creativity, to design something both breathtaking and eco-conscious. Our new tea packaging is the first evolution of that – and we cannot wait to share more.

2016-08-24 Oink and Coo Fam Print-41_646W

So let me take this time to thank all of you – our family, friends and cheerleaders. Thank you for your continuous support throughout this journey. Thank you for believing in us and celebrating our milestones. We cannot wait to share with you what is next to come…

2016-08-24 Oink and Coo Fam Print-35_646W

P.S. Our gorgeous photos were done by our friends at Oink and Coo – if you have not checked out this talented couple yet, please do! You will not be disappointed!

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MIYU Beauty Featured on Gloss48


Hey Friends!


It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for (at least we’d like to think so)!  Last week, we told you MIYU Beauty would soon be featured on Gloss48 for a special launch price!*  Well that day has arrived!  Starting today for 7 days only, Gloss48 members can save on MIYU Beauty teas & essences.


Go to Gloss48.com to sign up today, and enter your ultimate beauty paradise.


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*Sorry Canadians, this promo is only open to Americans.  Unfortunately for us, Gloss48 is still working on shipping to Canada.



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MIYU Beauty in the Media!


Canadian Living, January 2014

Canadian Living, January 2014


Hello Friends!


Time certainly does fly.  It feels like yesterday we were just getting ready for Christmas holidays.  Now, it’s what, almost Valentine’s Day?  My apologies, for the lack of updates, press-wise, so to summarize, here’s some highlights from the past few months.


First off, as we mentioned waaay back in December, our de-stress mi essence appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show.  For us, it was really exciting to see our baby on the small screen!  Here’s a look if you missed it:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0WOJIDYTU]


More recently, we were featured in January’s issue of Canadian Living (see above), the #1 women’s magazine in Canada.  How exciting is that?! We certainly think so – but then again, we’re just a little biased!  Not only has MIYU Beauty been featured in US & Canada, where our products are available, we’ve also garnered widespread interest from around the world.  From the UK’s ModMod’s website, to Glamour Italia, and Brazil’s Lilian Pacce – MIYU is hitting the beauty universe by storm!  Not to mention, back in September, we also landed coverage on New York Magazine’s – The Cut!  We’re still jumping up and down from that one.  Of course, we can’t forget to mention our Canadian press – with proud appearances in ELLE Canada, LOULOU Magazine, and Flare.com.  See more of our favourite editorial and blog features, in our press section, on our website.


LOULOU Magazine, November/December 2013

LOULOU Magazine, November/December 2013


So, whether it’s a small shout out, a teeny tiny mention, or a feature on television, online, or in print – we’re always sooo proud to see MIYU Beauty introduced to the world.  What we love even more, is hearing that people like you, are enjoying our products.  If you love MIYU, and want to tell us, send us an email – you’ll make our day, for real!


In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the exciting things we’re working on at MIYU.  For instance, soon, celebrities at an upcoming awards show will receive MIYU Beauty products in their gift bags! Stay tuned to find out more!


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MIYU Beauty Meets Gloss48


Hello Lovelies!


Ever heard of Gloss48?  Well if you’re beauty-obsessed, like we are, you’ll want to take note.  We recently heard about the online beauty site, offering “beauty junkies a daily dose of the best, must-have niche beauty products to discover, shop, and share”, and now we want to introduce you!


Beauty junkies, meet your ultimate, online paradise! At Gloss48, they make it their mission to search the beauty universe for the next beauty obsession – cutting through all the clutter, so you don’t have to.


As a new and emerging brand, entering the already crowded beauty space, we know the competition is fierce to get your attention!  That’s why, through partnering with Gloss48, we want to give you the opportunity to try MIYU Beauty products, without breaking the bank.  Through their membership only website, beauty lovers can discover niche beauty brands, and must-have products,  at exclusive, promotional prices.


Starting 11am EST February 12t2014, select MIYU Beauty products will be on sale on Gloss48.com for 7 days only.  Right now, Gloss48 only ships within the US, but fingers crossed, they say they’re working on bringing it to Canada.


So if you’ve been thinking about trying MIYU, or any new beauty brand for that matter – sign up today, to enter your ultimate beauty paradise!


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MIYU Beauty Launches in North America


After years of top-secret development and behind-the-scenes discussions with industry insiders, MIYU {pronounced mee-you} Beauty is now making its official debut in North America.  Drumroll please!!


As the first lifestyle beauty brand to artfully pair teas with skincare, MIYU expects to revolutionize the industry – aiming to redefine today’s beauty ritual.  Now we’re not saying to ditch your coveted creams and cleansers, but with MIYU’s unique tea and skincare pairings women can now effortlessly pamper their complexions from the inside out, in a delightful way.  What a concept!  At least we like to think so.


Founded by Canadian girl Connie Tai, MIYU’s innovative concept came about while she was living out her childhood dream developing skincare products for leading New York spa and beauty company Bliss spa.  During her time in NYC, Connie started developing skin sensitivities she never had before.  She soon realized the significant impact external factors had on her skin, including: poor diet, lack of sleep and stress.  She’s definitely not alone.  Empowered by this knowledge, Connie set out to create a line of effective products that could nourish the skin from within, while serving as a perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.


Now enough of the history!  We know you’re dying to see our super cute website. Go to www.miyubeauty.com to check out our debut collection of pretty products, and to find out more about MIYU Beauty.


MIYU products can be purchased at select retail locations across Canada and the United States and soon online through our MIYU Beauty boutique.  Unfortunately, our e-commerce site won’t be up for another week or so, but happy window shopping for now!


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MIYU is featured on Divya Yadava’s Magazine!

We are beyond excited to share with you our first press coverage about Connie Tai {MIYU’s founder}, how she came up with the MIYU concept and a sweet little recipe made with one of MIYU’s beauty teas!


MIYU is proud to make our first appearance on Divya Yadava’s Magazine, the Fall/Winter 2012 issue. Our talented friend, Divya Yadava, is a culinary maven and an incredible food photographer.  Because we are firm believers of achieving beauty from within, we have partnered up with Divya to create a beauty-approved dessert – a Layered Tea-infused Pudding with Pears and Goji-Raspberry Sauce.  It’s delish!


Below are our featured pages in the magazine.  It may be a little hard to read, but we have also included Divya’s full e-magazine at the end of this post (look for our pages 115-118).  And don’t forget to flip through the rest of her magazine for more amazing holiday recipe ideas… let the holiday cooking begin!






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