Make it a Life Resolution!


Why hello lovelies!
I hope you’re enjoying the New Year so far!
Quick poll. Who’s broken their 2015 resolution(s) already? It’s OK if you said yes – no judgment. I too, would have failed (miserably) had I made any this year.
Every January it’s the same thing. We think of all these wonderful things we promise to do each year i.e. work out more, eat healthier, stop nagging significant other, spend less etc..etc… But by mid January, most of those goals have all been tossed out the window. Sound familiar?


Don’t get me wrong, I think the start of a new year is the perfect time to self-reflect and improve on the things you don’t love about your life. Still, I believe, it’s also important to focus on the good things that did happen in the past year. Let’s see, I didn’t make it to the gym three times a week last year, and I still can’t stop myself from eating potato chips. But I can say, that I as part of my goal to spend more “me” time, I am now caught up on every episode of Scandal. Having started watching the ABC drama series only a few months ago, I think that’s “me” time well spent!
If you made a list this year and still haven’t broken it – good for you, keep up the great work! If you’ve failed already, or didn’t make one, who says you can’t start again? Or make one now? But this time, let’s try something new. Instead of calling them 2015 resolutions, let’s call them “Life Resolutions” – that way they’re not only goals to aspire to, but rather inspirations to live by.
Here are mine:

  1. Live in the moment – don’t dwell on the past. Tomorrow’s a new day.
  2. Cherish those you love. It’s not what you have in your life that matters, but who that counts.
  3. Love yourself inside and out. After all it’s your opinion that matters.

Feel free to share yours! Until next time…


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January 13, 2015   0 Comments