Welcoming our newest retail boutique – Blush by Jamie Rose

You know when you discover a beauty destination that you can’t stop gushing about it? That’s pretty much how we feel about Blush by Jamie Rose, which is why we had to spotlight her as our Feature Friday. We are ecstatic to introduce MIYU to all the classy locals in Boise, ID! Read on to learn more about Jamie and her swoon-worthy boutique…

What was your motivation for opening up your own boutique? It has always been a dream of mine to open a luxury beauty boutique that carried only amazing and unique products you couldn’t find just anywhere. I wanted the products to be showcased in a unique and intimate environment that inspires elegance and beauty. I also wanted to create a place for clients to shop in that gave them the expert advice and artistry that is missing in today’s beauty market. It was important for my clients to have a one-on-one tailored experience with an educated beauty professional that could really take the time to listen to their needs and educate them on what will be best for their everyday beauty routine.

What do your customers love most about Blush by Jamie Rose? My client’s love to come in and have what we call the “Blush experience” It starts the moment you walk in, feeling like you have been transported somewhere else for the day! Smelling all the unique scents, browsing exclusive beauty products, and experiencing all the beautiful, unique products we offer. My client’s really enjoy popping in and seeing what’s new and finding that special treasure to take home!

How do you curate products for your store? What is your vetting process? First and foremost is that the products have to be something I am in love with. If I know the product is amazing and I can’t live without it, my clients will feel the same way! It is really important to me to pick the best of the best products for my store. Quality vs. quantity! I look for very unique and niche brands, I feel like this creates a specialty vibe that people gravitate towards. I carefully select all my lines, and I keep looking for future brands that are unique and that add something special to Blush.

If you only had time to grab 3 beauty products to put in your purse, what would they be and why?
1. Bronzer/Blush duo, because I am fair and it’s a great way to pop a little color to my face and a perfect touch up for my cheeks for that instant glow.
2. Any kind of pink lippie, lipstick/gloss. I am obsessed with lip products, especially pinks and nude tones. I always feel complete when I have my signature pink lips on!
3. Diptyque Eau Rose roll-on fragrance, it is so convenient to have one of my favorite fragrances in a travel size roller for my purse.

We’re so delighted that Blush by Jamie Rose now carries MIYU Beauty. What is your favourite MIYU product and why? We just LOVE MIYU Products here at Blush. The packaging is so beautiful and feminine! I adore all of the MIYU products but one of my favorites is the de-stress mi beauty tea. It is such a wonderful tea for me to sip on throughout my busy day at work. It keeps my skin glowing too!

Thanks for your lovely responses Jamie! And for all you MIYU-ettes, you NEED to make a stop at Blush if you are in the area…

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Transitioning your Beauty Ritual for Fall

As leaves fall and the temperature drops, we habitually trade in our shorts & tanks for cozy knit sweaters & jeans. But while we are transitioning our wardrobe, we shouldn’t neglect our beauty cabinet. After all, our complexions face the outside environment head on – it’s least likely to be covered by any article of clothing (well, not during the fall at least). Wind, UV, pollution – our faces gets the worst of these dehydrating, ageing environmental assaults.

People tend to love the idea of keeping the same beauty ritual all year around – and while it may work in locales where weather doesn’t fluctuate with seasons, it is not quite practical for those of us who experience a cyclical temperature change. For example, an oily skin type rarely wants to apply anything on their skin during humid, summer months, but may still feel dehydrated as the weather cools, and the air becomes drier. Similarly, a dry skin type will not likely want to layer on product after product during the summer, but may want to amp up their moisturizers during cooler months.

But hey, I get it. Nobody wants to overhaul their entire skincare regimen. It’s expensive and just too much work to figure out what to switch into next. So let me introduce to you a little trick… it’s what I call the art of seasonal layering. The basic premise is this: add on a “layer” during cooler, drier months and remove the “layer” when the weather gets warmer. Think of it as layering on a sweater during winter and forgoing it during the summer.

Essences and serums are packed with so many moisturizing, anti-aging, and targeted treatments for specific concerns, that you can feel pretty good about either one you choose, as long as it works with your skin type. Starting in the fall, add a layer to your beauty regimen. Layer an essence or serum after cleansing and follow up with a moisturizer. Naturally, we are partial to our hydrate mi beauty essence for fall, providing a boost of hydration just when we need it!

For Oily Skin Types
Opt for an essence, which is lighter in texture. You’ll still get a hydration packed product that shouldn’t clog your pores. Find an essence that will also target your specific concerns (i.e. redness + irritation) so you get the best ‘bang for your buck.’ Our de-stress mi beauty essence, for example will combat redness, irritation, rebuild skin barriers and pack on hydration. Follow up with a moisturizer formulated for oily skin to ensure that you are adequately quenching parched skin without causing further breakouts.

For Normal/Combination Skin Types
Choose a serum if you are on the drier end of normal, or an essence if you lean more towards combination skin. Combination skin types – if you want to get fancy, you can apply a serum on the drier areas of your face and an essence on the oilier areas (i.e. T-zone). Follow up with a moisturizer formulated for normal/combo skin.

For Dry Skin Types
Go for a serum, which tends to be richer and more nourishing in texture. Deeply penetrating, a serum will provide the topical nutrients that your skin craves. Following up with a moisturizer for dry skin will only enhance the results.

And regardless of your skin type, don’t forget to continue to exfoliate! Exfoliation will help get rid of dead skin cells which can actually block moisturizers from effectively absorbing into the skin. I recommend exfoliating 2-3x per week. Avoid over-exfoliation though, as doing so can produce the opposite result.

Happy Fall lovelies and thanks for tuning in to our first Wellness Wednesday post! Please feel free to ask questions or comment in the section below. We also encourage you to request for specific Wellness Wednesday topics as I will be discussing all things health & beauty here… and yes, that will be every Wednesday :). Cheers to your new autumn glow!

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Happy Birthday MIYU! Celebrating 2 years of Healthy Skin!


Hooray! We’re 2 today! How quickly the past two years has gone since we officially launched our MIYU Beauty e-boutique.


We’re delighted to be celebrating our second birthday today and even more honoured to have you on this beautiful journey with us as we continue to help busy women and men like yourself, achieve gorgeous, healthy complexions with lasting results.


We’re proud to have achieved some incredible MIYU milestones in the last year…..


October 2014: WINNING BEST NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH at the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards

November 2014: FEATURED IN NOVEMBER ISSUE OF CHATELAINE spotlighting our founder, Connie and the concept behind MIYU

December 2014: FEATURED IN HEALTH MAGAZINE’S HOLIDAY ISSUE under their Gift Guide “Give Bliss”.

February 2015: LAUNCHED MIYU IN HONG KONG with Hong Kong’s first blow dry bar – Airplay

July 2015: FEATURED IN PEOPLE EN ESPAGNOL’S JULY ISSUE in their tea segment “La Hora del Te”

August 2015: FEATURED IN FLARE’S AUGUST ISSUE in their article on “Drinkable Skincare”


A big thank you for all your love and support these past two fulfilling years. May we celebrate many more years of healthy skin with you!






P.S. We have a surprise giveaway on INSTAGRAM. Head on over to see how you can WIN A SUPER CUTE MIYU Beauty prize! Plus, for a limited time only, all you lovelies will be gifted with an adorable petite + portable beauty essence mini with every purchase on our e-boutique. Ends 09/01/15.


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MIYU Beauty Now Available on Anthropologie.com


Hi Friends!


We have some fabulous news to share with you!  Starting today, anthropologie.com will be carrying select MIYU Beauty products on their site!!!  We absolutely adore Anthropologie, and are huge fans of their well-curated collection of clothing, accessories, gift and home décor – to be included in such great company is a dream come true for us!


Go to anthropologie.com to check out the MIYU Beauty collection now.


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Leaping Bunny Giveaway!



Hi MIYU-ettes!


Just wanted to let you know, our friends at Leaping Bunny are giving away one of our de-stress mi pairings!  To enter, go to the Leaping Bunny Facebook page and follow the instructions on the MIYU Beauty post.  Hurry, contest ends Sunday, April 6, 2014.


Good luck!



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MIYU Beauty Featured on Gloss48


Hey Friends!


It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for (at least we’d like to think so)!  Last week, we told you MIYU Beauty would soon be featured on Gloss48 for a special launch price!*  Well that day has arrived!  Starting today for 7 days only, Gloss48 members can save on MIYU Beauty teas & essences.


Go to Gloss48.com to sign up today, and enter your ultimate beauty paradise.


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*Sorry Canadians, this promo is only open to Americans.  Unfortunately for us, Gloss48 is still working on shipping to Canada.



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MIYU Beauty in the Media!


Canadian Living, January 2014

Canadian Living, January 2014


Hello Friends!


Time certainly does fly.  It feels like yesterday we were just getting ready for Christmas holidays.  Now, it’s what, almost Valentine’s Day?  My apologies, for the lack of updates, press-wise, so to summarize, here’s some highlights from the past few months.


First off, as we mentioned waaay back in December, our de-stress mi essence appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show.  For us, it was really exciting to see our baby on the small screen!  Here’s a look if you missed it:


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0WOJIDYTU]


More recently, we were featured in January’s issue of Canadian Living (see above), the #1 women’s magazine in Canada.  How exciting is that?! We certainly think so – but then again, we’re just a little biased!  Not only has MIYU Beauty been featured in US & Canada, where our products are available, we’ve also garnered widespread interest from around the world.  From the UK’s ModMod’s website, to Glamour Italia, and Brazil’s Lilian Pacce – MIYU is hitting the beauty universe by storm!  Not to mention, back in September, we also landed coverage on New York Magazine’s – The Cut!  We’re still jumping up and down from that one.  Of course, we can’t forget to mention our Canadian press – with proud appearances in ELLE Canada, LOULOU Magazine, and Flare.com.  See more of our favourite editorial and blog features, in our press section, on our website.


LOULOU Magazine, November/December 2013

LOULOU Magazine, November/December 2013


So, whether it’s a small shout out, a teeny tiny mention, or a feature on television, online, or in print – we’re always sooo proud to see MIYU Beauty introduced to the world.  What we love even more, is hearing that people like you, are enjoying our products.  If you love MIYU, and want to tell us, send us an email – you’ll make our day, for real!


In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the exciting things we’re working on at MIYU.  For instance, soon, celebrities at an upcoming awards show will receive MIYU Beauty products in their gift bags! Stay tuned to find out more!


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MIYU Beauty Meets Gloss48


Hello Lovelies!


Ever heard of Gloss48?  Well if you’re beauty-obsessed, like we are, you’ll want to take note.  We recently heard about the online beauty site, offering “beauty junkies a daily dose of the best, must-have niche beauty products to discover, shop, and share”, and now we want to introduce you!


Beauty junkies, meet your ultimate, online paradise! At Gloss48, they make it their mission to search the beauty universe for the next beauty obsession – cutting through all the clutter, so you don’t have to.


As a new and emerging brand, entering the already crowded beauty space, we know the competition is fierce to get your attention!  That’s why, through partnering with Gloss48, we want to give you the opportunity to try MIYU Beauty products, without breaking the bank.  Through their membership only website, beauty lovers can discover niche beauty brands, and must-have products,  at exclusive, promotional prices.


Starting 11am EST February 12t2014, select MIYU Beauty products will be on sale on Gloss48.com for 7 days only.  Right now, Gloss48 only ships within the US, but fingers crossed, they say they’re working on bringing it to Canada.


So if you’ve been thinking about trying MIYU, or any new beauty brand for that matter – sign up today, to enter your ultimate beauty paradise!


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Warming up with a little tea tasting at Jacob & Sebastian…

Why hello lovelies!


Hope you’ve been staying warm and enjoying your week so far.  This post is long overdue, but I wanted to introduce to you one of our favourite retail partners – Jacob & Sebastian!  Last Saturday, we did a little tea tasting event at their Distillery District location (their other location is at Queen West) – and boy, was there a happy holiday buzz going on in their store.  The annual Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery was going on as well, which brought in a lot of people, all looking for unique holiday gift ideas.  Check out Jacob & Sebastian’s storefront (above) – isn’t it just beckoning you to enter?


If you aren’t familiar with Jacob & Sebastian (although if you live in Toronto, you really ought to be!), I’ve done a short little Q&A with Joel Dart, the founder of this fabulous beauty boutique…
JandS IMG_2930



Connie:  What made you decide to start Jacob & Sebastian?

Joel:  I started Jacob & Sebastian after extensive travel and after the realization that the world really does have great product offerings that just aren’t readily available here in Toronto. After some preliminary sourcing, the ball just started rolling and eventually, I found a great collection of niche-market, unique beauty finds that I believe have a spot in the medicine cabinets of beauty savvy Torontonians.


Connie:  What kinds of products can people expect when they come to your boutique?


Joel:  People can expect to find high-quality, more unique products when they enter Jacob & Sebastian.  These are the types of products that you might see in magazines and wonder, “where can I buy that?” We really strive to try out and test everything in-store firsthand, so you can be assured that we truly believe in the lines that we carry.


Connie:  We are thrilled that Jacob & Sebastian now offers MIYU products.  What is your favourite MIYU product and why?


Joel:  Personally, I have crazy sensitive skin, which breaks out in hives randomly and I have found the de-stress mi beauty essence really helps to calm this hypersensitivity. I also love the taste of the de-stress mi beauty tea, so that has to be a close runner up!


There you have it ladies and gents – if you’re looking for some hard-to-find luxe beauty items, be sure to stop by their store! I know I’ve been a big fan since the beginning!


Now if you were at the store last Saturday, you would’ve been greeted with the little tea station I set up at the front of their store.  A little hot tea to warm up cold shoppers – what a great idea!
JandS IMG_2922


And yes, I brought a chair to sit for a bit – being 8 months pregnant is not so kind on the feet :).
JandS IMG_2924


Shown below is our pretty MIYU products, sitting front and center of the Jacob & Sebastian store…
JandS IMG_2926


JandS IMG_2928


At the end of the afternoon, the hubby picked me up and we headed home… but not without a short stroll through the Toronto Christmas Market.  Oh how I wish we could’ve stayed longer if it wasn’t so cold! 
JandS IMG_2933


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MIYU to be Featured on The Marilyn Denis Show


***UPDATE  Unfortunately, the Beauty Essentials segment was bumped from the December 13th show.  Our de-stress mi beauty essence will have to wait until Friday, December 20th to make its television debut!  Please tune in then.


Hi Everyone!  Guess what?!  We’re going to be on The Marilyn Denis Show!  Well, not “us” – as in Connie and I, but our de-stress mi beauty essence will be.


Our signature calming spray will be featured on the Toronto-based, daytime talk show on December 13th as part of beauty expert Chantel Guertin’s Beauty Survival Guide for the holidays. We’re delighted Chantel chose our de-stress mi beauty essence to be a part of her holiday survival guide, and we can’t wait to see our baby on-air.


So, don’t miss out!  Be sure to tune in on Friday, December 13th at 10am ET on CTV & CTV Mobile, at 11am on CTV Two, or on demand at marilyn.ca


Until next time…


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