hot off ‘to’ press!



These are exciting times for us at MIYU as our August launch is fast approaching.  With just over a month to go, our team has been busy working hard fine-tuning all the details.

Check out the pretty press kits Connie and Ashley (our newest team member) put together.   Aren’t they just the cutest?  These lovely packages will soon be mailed out to select ‘press’, who will have the first official sneak peek of MIYU’s debut collection.



We know you’re all dying to know what’s inside but don’t worry – Soon we’ll be able to share with you what MIYU Beauty is all about!


Stay tuned…

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paper prototypes

Here at MIYU, we make all of our prototypes with paper.  This helps us visualize what the end product will look like.  Think of it this way – as muslin is to a fashion designer, paper is to a package creator.  Can you guess what the above prototypes will become? 😉

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introducing MIYU’s exclusive pre-launch hydrate mi beauty tea


Hello Gorgeous!


We’re hard at work developing the packaging, formulas and website for MIYU, and we want to include you on this journey.  I know many of you are eager to see, touch, and trial the products, so we thought we would offer an exclusive pre-launch tea for sale through Facebook.  So yes, drumroll please… we are featuring our lovely HYDRATE MI tea, which is designed to give you caffeine-free hydration.  Think of it as a guilt-free beverage that tastes unbelievably delicious! Our special blend is loaded with green rooibos, goji berries and a wonderfully aromatic white pear essence.  All of these ingredients have been handpicked by yours truly, for their natural content of skin-loving antioxidants.  Everyone who has tasted the tea so far has been in love!  And take it from me, the gorgeous white pear aroma is really to die-for.




So since this is a pre-launch item, we haven’t put the tea in its fancy packaging yet.  We’ve tried to ‘pretty’ up the white pouch, but trust us, the final packaging will be even more breathtaking.  At this time, we are offering this tea loose, but the final tea will come in lovely, little pyramid sachets.  Exciting, right?



I know many of you are striving to achieve all your health-related 2013 goals, and our HYDRATE MI tea is an effortless and enjoyable way to give you a boost to your healthy lifestyle.  After all, who doesn’t want a cup of warm tea that’s great for your skin, on a cold, wintery day?




Well, what are you waiting for?  Head over to our Facebook page now, and you too can be sipping HYDRATE MI tea, way before our brand even launches!


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February 4, 2013   0 Comments