The fate of the 2015 “Year of the Sheep” starts with the first day

2015 lunar new year_Square


Today kicks off the Year of the Sheep and the start of the lunar calendar, used in many parts of Asia, and celebrated world-wide.


Growing up with Asian parents I was always taught, what you do the day of Chinese/Vietnamese New Year (as it’s also called) determines your luck for the entire year. Also certain superstitions, as my mom has always told me, are meant to be taken seriously! Although there seems to be quite few – here are some of the biggest ones I recall, and still follow, to this day – no matter how silly they seem.


1. No cleaning – your home should be cleaned from top to bottom before the New Year – symbolizing a clean start and new beginning. Sweeping on New Year’s day is an absolute NO, as you’re sweeping away your good fortune.
2. No washing or cutting your hair – You’re not supposed to wash or cut your hair the day of, because it means you’re washing away or chopping off your good luck for the entire year.
3. In general, what you do and how you feel on New Year’s day determines the direction of your whole year. I try to avoid arguments on this day every year. Therefore, only positive thoughts allowed :).
It’s funny, the older I get, the more I follow these superstitions. Not because I truly believe it will determine the fate of my whole year – but I figure any extra good luck sent my way, can’t hurt. Plus, it’s the only way I can get the bf to help clean the house beforehand. Ssshhh don’t tell!
Whether or not you follow these superstitions, or celebrate the Lunar New Year – from our MIYU family to yours, wishing you all a wonderful year filled with happiness, good health and amazing skin!



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